DWWA judge profile: Karl Arbin

Karl Arbin is a judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2017

Karl Arbin

Karl Arbin

Originally a sommelier with experience in both England and France, Karl Arbin went on to work at the wine cellar Grappe in Stockholm, Sweden. After a couple of years at Grappe during which he was also responsible for a fine wine importer, he joined Fondberg, one of Sweden’s most successful wine merchants at the time.

After that he went on to work as a buyer at wine merchant Enjoy Wine & Spirits where his main focus was Italy and France. In 2011, together with a close friend, he started the highly successful French online wine merchant Caviste SE offering allocated wines from small growers all around France and Italy.

Today Karl works as the buyer for wines from the US, Portugal, Greece, Eastern Europe and UK at Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly. Up until joining Systembolaget he also wrote wine recommendations for Swedish national radio on a weekly basis.

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